Why Partner with Us

Face2face Africa is a premier U.S. based media company engaging the black diaspora community. We serve a vibrant demographic of African, African-American and Caribbean audiences in the United States.

Particularly, African and Caribbean immigrants are two of the fastest growing and most educated groups in the country. With a spending power estimated at over of  $500 billion, their influence in American business, politics, and culture is evident now more than ever.  

Face2face Africa continues to have an immersive conversation with these audiences, speaking to them authoritatively about their lifestyle, and partnering with brands that understand and embrace the cultural truths shaping their personal choices and business needs.


We invite you to join us in celebrating the business leaders and visionaries who are breaking barriers and whose commitment to excellence is driving a new narrative around the importance of diversity and inclusion.

As a partner, you will have the opportunity to:

  1. Connect with our dynamic community of professionals, entrepreneurs, business leaders and corporate executives
  2. Meet, engage, and recruit talented professionals for your company
  3. Recognize outstanding minority leaders within your company
  4. Participate in empowering discussions around diversity and inclusion and connect with other business leaders with a shared vision
  5. Build brand equity and position your brand within this underserved market segment to gain a competitive advantage
  6. Collect and gain better insights on market segment to shape your growth strategies and business positioning 
  7. Promote your company to a diverse and engaged audience


For more information about sponsorship or partnership opportunities, please contact Sandra Appiah at sappiah@f2fafrica.com.