Chris Folayan

CEO / Founder Mall for Africa Ltd

Chris is a serial entrepreneur, board advisor, mentor, and speaker with over 25 years of C-level role experience in marketing, technology, startups, and corporate acquisitions. Born and raised in Nigeria, Chris founded his first venture at age 7 recyclying tires with a group of friends which he ran for 2.5 years. He migrated to the U.S to attend college in the heart of Silicon Valley.

Coming from Nigeria right into the technology boom era, Chris was amazed by all he saw around him and the growth of the internet. Chris decided to teach himself various programming, design and software languages which he used as a foundation to catapult himself into various high-level advisory roles in fortune 500 companies. By age 19 he was working on his first patent and company while pursuing a BA degree in marketing. After graduating from San Jose State University, he founded and sold several companies globally, while establishing new companies in Africa, USA, Middle East and Asia.

Before Chris founded his current venture, the award-winning Mall for Africa and Mall for the World, Link Commerce and Marketplace Africa platforms, Chris was the Founder and CEO of OCFX Inc, a multi-million dollar globally recognized silicon valley based software agency serving and consulting clients such as SONY, LSI, Cisco, HP, EPSON, TYCO, Accenture, CapitalOne, EMC, USA Government and many others in over 60 countries.

Chris has a “learn as you grow” out of the box thinking philosophy that drives strategy and business growth.