Marcus Odedina

Partner Ernst & Young

Marcus is a global client service partner currently serving clients in the Media and Entertainment sector.  He has prior served clients in the diversified industrial products sector.

Marcus, among other things, assisted in successfully developing a global market expansion strategy involving expansion on 4 continents, and the coordination of service professionals in more than 10 countries. These efforts resulted in the receipt of the Association of Management Consulting Firms (AMCF) award for the best global expansion project and the best overall project of the year. Additionally, the project resulted in 25% international growth within 18 months of the project completion.

Marcus led global teams created to assist a multinational client in the implementation of SAP. These projects involved the development of an information technology vision and strategy focused on developing a transition road map for the selected ERP. Following the selection of SAP, his team assisted the client in developing and operationalizing a project Management office to coordinate with the service integrator in designing a successful SAP rollout. When warranted, Marcus coordinated a team assembled to develop a recalibrated, multiphase rollout plan, resulting in what the CEO called the smoothest rollout experienced by executives at the company.

He has served as an account leader on Fortune 100 and FTSE 100 companies. In this capacity, he assisted in evaluating the organization’s enterprise risk. Following the identification of risks, he advised in the stratification and prioritization of risks, highlighting those that were most critical in impeding the business transformation objectives of the company. Marcus served as an advisor in the appropriate depiction of risk and the evolution thereof for presentations to senior management and the board of directors