Dr. Theodore Nyame

Surgeon Charlotte Plastic Surgery

Dr. Theodore T. Nyame is a Harvard educated and Harvard trained board certified plastic surgeon specializing in aesthetic and reconstructive surgery.

When Dr. Nyame was eight-years-old, his parents relocated their family to the Bronx, NY from his birthplace of Ghana, West Africa. They wanted to provide their children with more opportunities. Dr. Nyame and his brother worked hard to learn English as a second language and eventually excelled academically.

Dr. Nyame attended Cornell University for his undergraduate studies where he majored in Chemistry and Chemical Biology. He graduated at the top of his class with distinction in all subjects. With his exemplary academic record, Dr. Nyame was accepted to many of the nation’s top medical schools. He ultimately decided to pursue his medical studies at Harvard Medical School.

At Harvard he excelled in the surgical specialties and developed a love for reconstructive plastic surgery. After graduating from Harvard Medical School he was one of three selected out of hundreds of applicants to train in plastic surgery at the Harvard Plastic and Reconstructive Surgery Program.

After receiving his surgical training, Dr. Nyame embarked on an international tour of medical missions and speeches. He used these opportunities to enhance the quality of information circulated throughout the industry. He has traveled across the world – from Norway to Australia – to spread information on the latest techniques and technologies to his esteemed peers in the plastic surgery community.

The secret to Dr. Nyame’s unconditional passion for results-oriented service to his patients is not a secret at all. “For me, walking out of a treatment knowing that I delivered the best work possible for my patients is most important,” he explains. His promise is to combine experience with personal interest to deliver the best work possible for his patients.

During his downtime, Dr. Nyame does public speaking at underserved high schools in the Charlotte area. His wife is a practicing Cardiologist who leads the Novant Health Women’s Heart Center. His older brother is currently a practicing neurosurgeon overseas.